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This paper describes Halliburton's organizing function with respect to its knowledge management and technology ...... More...
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Paper Abstract:
This paper describes Halliburton's organizing function with respect to its knowledge management and technology, explaining how it has optimized both.

Paper Introduction:
Halliburton The energy company Halliburton has enjoyed excellent success in itsbusiness throughout the world Halliburton is a prominent company one ofthe world\'s largest providers of products and services to the energyindustry and in alone it has already earned three engineeringachievement awards Halliburton Wins Three Engineering AchievementAwards The company boasts over employees in at least countries and serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir from locating hydrocarbons and managing geologicaldata to drilling and formation evaluation well construction

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The entire text of the paper is shown below. However, the text is somewhat scrambled. We want to give you as much information as we possibly can about our papers and essays, but we cannot give them away for free. In the text below you will find that while disordered, many of the phrases are essentially intact. From this text you will be able to get a solid sense of the writing style, the concepts addressed, and the sources used in the research paper.

Inside Knowledge 8(6). If Halliburton's organization of its knowledge is outstanding, itsorganization of its technology is equally impressive. By 2 1, the ESG had asubstantial infrastructure of data that needed to be moved, and thisinfrastructure was leveraged by connecting the explicit data to 35, employees in more than 1 countries (Ash, 2 5). Halliburton's organizing function has been very well optimized in bothits knowledge and technology areas. 3). Two ofthe reasons for Halliburton's success are the organizing function of itsknowledge and of its technology. Instead, it invested the time and resources to designits own solutions to dovetail perfectly with its organization's needs andthe fluctuating demands of the marketplace. Because of theproject, Halliburton now has "communities of practice" that are "organic innature and evolve and adapt to new business needs," with some communitiessplitting and others merging (Ash, 2 5). In addition, Halliburton can now accommodate uniquebusiness arrangements, allowing it to align its interests with those of itsclients ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. /articleid.A3F161B5-ACFD-4DC2-A738- 9CEBA621C15C/qx/display.htmHalliburton Integrated Solutions. Thus, Halliburton has achieved excellent optimization of both itsknowledge and technology functions and can serve as a model for othercompanies. The team brought in the American Productivity andQuality Center (APQC) to look at what the company had in place and"synthesise what was working" (Ash, 2 5). Retrieved on May 13, 2 8 from: 1.htmlHalliburton Wins Three Engineering Achievement Awards. 3). Thelump sum option allows it to spread the risk over several wells inrepetitive operations, while the incentive/penalty payment arrangement usesperformance measures for calculating Halliburton's compensation("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. The bottom line methodlets Halliburton "align interests through reservoir performance"("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. 2 5). It designed its technology area to be flexible and adaptable sothat it can serve all of the company's needs, no matter how diverse, sothat area too is both effective and efficient. Project finance . By combining itsexperience base from its global work on technology applications with itslocal resources and knowledge, Halliburton was able to offer greater-than-typical product and service support ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions,"2 2, p. Thanks to the way its technology is organized, Halliburton nowdemonstrates "unparalleled flexibility," enabling it to tailor solutions tothe customer's needs ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. Ortiz's personal and corporatevision for the company was to be "the real-time knowledge company servingthe upstream petroleum industry" (Ash, 2 5). 3). 1). 3). This option letsHalliburton use the same scorecard for both cost control and end results,so that it can optimize the relationship between them ("HalliburtonIntegrated Solutions," 2 2, p. Completion engineering . 1).This approach was developed in 1993 because some of Halliburton's customersexpressed a desire for their service delivery to be "coordinated anddelivered through a single source" ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions,"2 2, p. Project management . Unlike many companies,Halliburton did not attempt to use a stock solution for either itsknowledge management or its technology, even though such solutions aboundin the marketplace. 2). In acompany spread across such a large geographic area, it is vital to ensurethat the organizing function is optimally designed and implemented. (14 Mar. Asset management ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. Retrieved on May 13, 2 8 from: 3). Halliburton. The company boasts over 5 , employees in at least 7 countries and "serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir(from locating hydrocarbons and managing geologicaldata, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction andcompletion, and optimizing production through the life of the field"("Halliburton Wins Three Engineering Achievement Awards," 2 8). (2 8). Reservoir description . ReferencesAsh, J. This attention to detail hasresulted in knowledge management and technology functions that are custom-made to serve the company's requirements and support its initiatives. jsp?newsurl=/default/main/halliburton/eng/news/source_files/press_relea se/2 8/corpnws_ 5 5 8.html In terms of knowledge management, Halliburton is known for itssustainable program of knowledge management that is "founded on communitiesof practice, that ensures its long-term sustainability by buildingtangible, bottom-line value" (Ash, 2 5). Halliburton: A sustained commitment to collaboration. Procurement and logistics . 2). Halliburton The energy company Halliburton has enjoyed excellent success in itsbusiness throughout the world. Well construction . Health, safety and environmental management . To overcome the problemof its people viewing knowledge management as "a very fuzzy concept,"particularly in the absence of case studies demonstrating its "clearbusiness value," the company set up a scoping team to research the issuesand recommend action to senior management on how to proceed with knowledgemanagement (Ash, 2 5). Halliburton is a prominent company, "one ofthe world's largest providers of products and services to the energyindustry," and in 2 8 alone, it has already earned three engineeringachievement awards ("Halliburton Wins Three Engineering AchievementAwards," 2 8). Retrieved on May 13, 2 8 from: tphrase.1/sid. 1). By benchmarking the approachesand results of 15 other companies, the team formulated a hypothesis on whatwould work at Halliburton and proposed three pilot programs to test theirconcepts in various parts of the business (Ash, 2 5). Halliburton's organization of its technology is divided intoseparate compartments for each of its major functions: . 2). Halliburton'sIntegrated Solutions (IS) "is less about 'one size fits all' than it isabout developing technical and business solutions that match the specificneeds of each client" ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. In its knowledge management area, it researched other companies andused a scoping team to ensure that the solution it came up with was notonly proven and successful but also specifically tailored to meet its exactneeds. (2 2). This move in itselfcreated numerous successes, but Halliburton did not stop there; itformulated a strategy based on the production phases in the oilfield lifecycle, focusing on well-construction and production enhancement("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. Both areas are both effective andefficient because of the approach that the company took toward designingthem. Halliburton nowhas its technology structured to support its deals in three primary ways:the lump sum option, the incentive/penalty payment arrangement, and thebottom line method ("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. Thecompany's organizing function has allowed it to achieve efficiencies inboth areas, promoting its work efficiency and making success easier toattain. Halliburton has ensured thesustainability of its knowledge management program by gaining the supportof management at the outset, connecting to vital issues without pickingbattles it could not win, being "1 -per-cent successful and prov[ing] it,"and ensuring that no one fails to see the "real value added" (Ash, 2 5).Halliburton's "strategy and sustainability" hypothesis" was conceived in2 1 through the vision of one of its senior executives, Energy ServicesGroup (ESG) CEO Edgar Ortiz (Ash, 2 5). Drilling engineering . Risk analysis . Halliburton reorganized nine separate oilfield serviceentities to form just one management structure, Halliburton Energy Services("Halliburton Integrated Solutions," 2 2, p. 2).This flexibility to adapt to meet virtually any need positions Halliburtonnicely in the global arena, where globalization demands rapid and oftenunforeseen changes.

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