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Issues and Traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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Issues and traditions in Judaism Christianity and Islam For Judaism the discussion involves the ...... More...
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Paper Abstract:
Issues and traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. For Judaism, the discussion involves the holocaust and its role in modern Jewish identity, the land of Israel, and the Passover Seder meal. For Christians, the singleness of the Bible as revelation is discussed, and observances of Christmas and Easter. For Islam, the issue of radical Islamic terrorist attacks, daily prayer, and women's dress are discussed.

Paper Introduction:
Issues and Traditions in Judaism Christianity and Islam The memory of the Holocaust is a major issue among Jews who are ofage today Those who actually lived through it or through that time arepassing out of this world For many of the Jews of that generation telling the story of the Holocaust was a critical part their Jewishidentity Exposing the truth both helped them to cope with the Holocaust\'sreality and to prevent it from happening again More than half of a century

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On two important points there is agreement. Christianity has two critical holidays, Christmas and Easter.Christmas is the celebration of the entrance of God into the world as ahuman being as Jesus of Nazareth. God is said to have prescribed to Muhammad the daily ritual of five formal prayers for every believer, although the Qur'an itself does not specify that demand. The exact times of day for performing the salat are clearly established in the hadith, or traditions, and have been codified in the law. Specifically, they are the salat al-fajr at dawn before the rise of the sun, the salat al-zuhr after the sun passes its highest point, the salat al- 'asr in the late part of the afternoon, the salat al-maghrib just after the setting of the sun, and the salat al- 'isha sometime between sunset and midnight (Smith, 1999, p. Without such control, which the Jewish nation haslost and regained many times over the centuries, the Jews as a people feelthemselves to be in exile. More than half of a century later, however, the role the Holocaustplays in a Jew's identity comes into question. 1 ) One of the most controversial subjects in the American Islamic community is that of appropriate dress for women. I. For many of the Jews of that generation,telling the story of the Holocaust was a critical part their Jewishidentity. Since Christians were the majority religion inGermany they are sometimes blamed unfairly for the Holocaust, even thoughNazism rejected all forms religion. D., et al. As harrowing and monstrous a nightmare as the Holocaust was, we introduce our own brand of nihilism by celebrating it as the central event of modern Judaism. Political control of this land means the Jews have the right to"go home" at any point. 1 8). Islam does not support the materialist life that is led in theWest. All three of these religions have traditional prayers which markdifferent times of the day. First, that it is appropriate for both men and women, as the Qur'an itself makes clear, to dress modestly. Commentary, 1 2, 57+.Smith, J. The firstnight of Passover is celebrated with the Seder meal, which is done with thesame words and components as it has been for thousands of years. Islam, however, is the only one whichconsiders it important for all members to perform. The issue, of course, is what constitutes modesty. Itcelebrates the direct intervention of God into human events to free themfrom slavery in Egypt and deliver them to the Promised Land. To all Jews this is theirspiritual homeland. One needs only to accept thegift with belief (John 3:16). This celebrates Jesus, as both man andGod, offering himself up to death for the sins of all, and then risingagain from the dead. Those who actually lived through it, or through that time, arepassing out of this world. New York: Columbia University Press.United States Council of Catholic Bishops, The New American Bible. (The Qur'an, despite what some Muslim women seem to think, does not actually specify exactly how much of the body has to be covered.) Second, that the choice of how to dress is completely the woman's and cannot, or at least should not, be forced on her by her father, husband, or any other male relative. Islam in America. To Christians, it also fulfills themessianic prophesy of Judaism. Many Protestant religions are falling somewherebetween these stance of these two faiths. A major issue in Christianity is whether or not the Bible is the onlysource of information about God's will for his people. For Jews, one of the Holiest times of the year is Passover. Electronic publication November 11, 2 2. What is now being called appropriately conservative clothing really began to appear after 1967, the time of the Arab-Israeli War, which was seen as so devastating to the Muslim cause. The Holocaust is hardly the answer to that question. Yet some radical Islamic groups, as well as some tribal groups usingIslam as a banner, are violently attacking Western nations. Itconnects modern Jews with their ancestors who first made the covenant withGod to be his people. Ritual prayer, salat, is not a casual thing for the Muslim but assumes a regularity and discipline. A Symposium. FundamentalistChristians rely on the bible alone, while Catholicism argues that traditionand the writings of certain saints can give lesser insight into God'srelationship with us. Preventing racial mass-murder comesfrom building bridges to other faiths, not angering them. For Christians this opens the door to all believersrising again to eternal life after death. ReferencesKnobel, P., Lamm, N., Langer, R., Lapin, D., Lester, J., Levenson, J. (Knobel et al., 1996) Adding to this difficulty is the conflict which the Holocaust bringswith others. Modern Muslimsmust juggle adherence to their faith, anger at the violence, and pain atthe suffering of their fellow Muslims in countries that the western nationshave attacked in the hopes of keeping their own citizens safe. Ownership of this land is one of the four pillars ofJudaism. The other holiday is Easter. Modern Muslims have perhaps the most difficult issue of the threefaiths. What Do American Jews Believe? Issues and Traditions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam The memory of the Holocaust is a major issue among Jews who are ofage today. Muslims who reject the Jewish state feel that they wereforced to move from their homes due to Jews taking advantage of world guiltabout the Holocaust. It is futile to deplore the lack of Jewish continuity without providing an answer to the fundamental question: why be Jewish? Clearly, this is a topic about which many women feel strongly, one way or the other, and about which they are interested in coming to their own determination, apart from the discourse of Western feminism or secular critique. ... Many women began to wear the hijab (head covering) after that time as a sign of their allegiance to Islam, and it soon became one of the manifestations of the Islamic revival that has occurred in so many parts of the world (Smith, 1999, p. For Muslims in many parts of the world, and especially those in America, what is referred to as "Islamic dress" is not necessarily the same as the traditional dress that women from other cultures may have worn. Exposing the truth both helped them to cope with the Holocaust'sreality and to prevent it from happening again. Retrieved from Political observers have noted that defeat brought about much Muslim introspection as to what it means to live Islamically, to assure victory and success under God's guidance. (1996, August). His birth as a human was unlike allother appearances of deities on Earth, and gives Christians a model ofhumility and interdependence. (1999). The "promised land" is modern Israel.

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