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Discusses reasons why sexual offenders kill their victims.... More...
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Paper Abstract:
Discusses reasons why sexual offenders kill their victims. The two types of sexual homocide. Signs that an individual may become a sexual killer. Value to investigation of profiling crime scenes & offenders. Treatements for sex offenders. Division of experts regarding success of psychological treatment. Dangers to society of release.

Paper Introduction:
Sexual killers often display aggressive and antisocial behaviors during their childhood, which escalates to sexual sadism in adulthood. The pattern and style of their killings involves domination, control, humiliation and sadistic sexual violence. The killers rarely show remorse, and the murders of the randomly chosen victims are committed with no sense of guilt or shame (Geberth, 1995). These psychopaths are morally bereft, incapable of intimacy and empathy, essentially being entirely egocentric. They reason in a way that is not acceptable to society and investigators must attempt to determine how their alternative reasoning works (Turvey par. 43-45). Examined in this paper are sexual offenders who kill and their reasons for killing, signs that an individual may become a sexual killer, the value of offender profiling, and

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It is importantnot to impose one's own perspective when developing profiles becauseoffenders often have their own intricate set of values, combining hostileaggression and sexual arousal at the same time (par. Value of Profiling Profiling crime scenes and offenders based on physical andpsychological evidence is very important to the investigation of violentserial sex crimes. Addressing the emotional damage done to offenders in the past may helpto reduce the harm they inflict on others in the future, haltingreoccurring cycles of abuse (Lotke, 2 1). 11-15). Most sex offenders do respond positively to psychological treatment.Convicted sex offenders have comparatively low rates of recidivism, whichdrops further from an average of 18.5% to 1 .9% with treatment, accordingto a comprehensive study done by Margaret Alexander of the OshkoshCorrectional Institution. 7). He continued to get more victims andtake more pictures. Finally, many offendersreport poor body image, cruelty to other children in youth, fire-setting,nightmares, behavioral problems, lying, cruelty to animals, and compulsivemasturbation (Mitchell, 1997). Thepattern and style of their killings involves domination, control,humiliation and sadistic sexual violence. Lotke, E. Mitchell, E. Use of voyeurism, pornography, fetishbehaviors, and fantasies about rape were common. (April 1995). Most seem to believe that less sadistic sex offenders may beassisted by behavioral treatment. Additionally, booster sessions and maintenance groups areimportant for many years if the offender is released, since around the tenyear mark, reoffense rates among treated offenders is nearly as high asamong untreated offenders (Lotke, 2 1). The latter involves theconscious experience of pleasurable sexual arousal through the inflictionof physical or emotional pain on the actual object, involving recurrentintense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving real acts,wherein the victim's suffering indicates the offender's total dominance andis sexually exciting to him (Geberth, 1995). Ed Kemper is another startling example of a sadistic sexual killer,stating, "if I killed them, you know, they couldn't reject me as a man"(Lustmord, 2 1). As a teenager he had a huge collection ofwomen's under things that he looked through often, felt, caressed, and hemasturbated chronically while savoring this lingerie. The Aetilogy of Serial Murder: Towards anIntegrated Model.
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