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Describes domestic violence.... More...
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Paper Abstract:
Describes domestic violence. Coercive behaviors such as actual or threatened physical injury, sexual assault, psychological abuse, economic control and social isolation. Statistics. Establishment of control and fear in a relationship. Options available for battered women; shelters, coalitions and other organizations, volunteer attorneys. Battered women imprisoned for killing or assaulting their batterers.

Paper Introduction:
Background One definition (“Domestic Violence Facts Sheet”) of “battering” describes this behavior as the “…establishment of control and fear in a relationship through violence and other forms of abuse. The batterer uses acts of violence and a series of behaviors including intimidation, threats, psychological abuse, isolation, etc. to coerce and to control the other person….” While the violence defined above may not happen often, it nevertheless will always remain below the surface in the relationship. As such, real mediation of the conflict and tensions will be virtually impossible to overcome, let alone bring to peaceful resolution. This type of violence can include, but not be strictly limited to, a number of other “coercive” behaviors such as actual

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This organization was formed in 1991 by means ofthe efforts a group of concerned San Francisco (California) Bay Areaorganizations which included Legal Services for Prisoners With Children,San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation, Battered Women'sAlternatives, Southern California Women's Law Center, and CaliforniaAlliance Against Domestic Violence. Although there is evidence to suggest similar, less publicizedattention to the problem is occurring in other states as well, most notablyColorado, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Washington. This becomeseven more significant when the tally represents more than the combinedoccurrences of car accidents, muggings, and rapes. The batterer usesacts of violence and a series of behaviors including intimidation, threats,psychological abuse, isolation, etc. While the information available to secure relief is accessible, onemanner of which is by the Internet, it must be driven down very low intothe conscious fabric of our society. Assuch, real mediation of the conflict and tensions will be virtuallyimpossible to overcome, let alone bring to peaceful resolution. An example of the options available to women trapped in thispredicament has been the California Coalition for Battered Women in Prison. Additional statisticsinclude the following("Domestic Violence Facts Sheet"): . Once theabusive male has been extracted from the scenario, it is probably just asimportant to get the battered woman back on her feet, financially, as it issecuring for them relief from the physical and emotional trauma associatedwith this type of abuse. The work of the California Coalition is not the only force at work toput an end to domestic violence. A similar approach, although potentially more powerful, isavailable by means of the Web site associated with the Cybergrrl Safety Net( This type of violence can include, but not be strictly limited to, anumber of other "coercive" behaviors such as actual or threatened physicalinjury, sexual assault, psychological abuse (including intimidation,threats, privilege manipulation), economic control, and/or progressivesocial isolation. . "Domestic Violence Facts Sheet." Available on-line at (21 November 2 2). The Web site offers linkagesto other organizations similarly devoted to this cause. The Good Samaritan Homeless Center . Home Page. A woman is battered every 12-15 seconds in the United States. Stop Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) Unfortunately, the magnitude of the problem in this country focuses,in this writer's opinion, overwhelmingly on taking care of themanifestations of the problem (the physical and emotional damage to thebattered woman and the immediate effects on the family). "Did You Know That..." Brochure from The California Coalition for Battered Women in Prisons. 63% of the young men between ages 11 and 2 who are serving time for homicide have killed their mother's abuser. . . One source that appears to have taken full advantageof this technological resource is The Campus Safety Journal( The high level of battered women serving in the nation's prisons was someof the impetus behind the formation of the California Coalition forBattered Women in Prison. Works CitedCampus Safety Journal. Thisfact represents the single largest cause of personal physical injury towomen between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States. Mostnotable of the linkages referenced on Cybergrrl Web site, are thefollowing: . The ones that areavailable appear to be clustered more in California than in any otherstate. 21 November 2 2 .________. Background One definition ("Domestic Violence Facts Sheet") of "battering"describes this behavior as the "...establishment of control and fear in arelationship through violence and other forms of abuse. 22 November 2 2 .End the Violence. The organization alsoprovides education and outreach to area schools, service clubs, businesses,church groups and neighborhoods. There are nearly three times as many animal shelters in the United States as there are shelters for battered women. Home Page. The goal of this process is bringing anend to domestic violence and sexual assault.Conclusion The advent of the Internet and its ability to bring more information,faster, into the hands of individuals in need, will likely cause additionalresources to be more obvious to even the most casual of observers and/orseekers of solutions. One of the reasons women stay in an abusive relationshipis simply because of economics. In 1994, areport in MS Magazine produced the following annual statistics pertainingto domestic violence: 1 , cases requiring hospitalization, 3 , cases requiring emergency room visits, and 4 , cases requiring a visitto a physician. End the Violence ( another organization active in this area. The Sounding Board Counseling Center-Provides a state-by-state listing of phone numbers and addresses for shelters, crisis centers and other entities. This is the same legal system thatvery often fails (or refuses) to protect battered women and then"prosecutes" them vigorously when they are forced to fight back in self-defense ("Did You Know That..."). 22 November 2 2 .Shabazz, Ama F. Using the collaborative efforts at their disposal which consisted ofvarious shared resources including volunteer attorneys, communityorganizers, prison reform activists, legal advocates, and healthprofessionals the goals of the organization have been to identify batteredwomen imprisoned for killing or assaulting their batterers and assist themin the clemency / commutation process; educate the public about domesticviolence and battered women's self-defense; assist attorneys and advocatesin their defense of battered women; work with and lobby the Governor andthe state Legislature to create a standardized and fair process for thereview of battered women's cases. Home Page. . This site has linkages to a larger number of Nationaland State Resources than that offered by The Campus Safety Journal. Something has become radically wrong insuch a technologically advanced society such as is present here in theUnited States, where the number of animal shelters across the nation, sogrossly exceeds the number of shelters available for use by battered women. "Domestic Abuse Leads to Homelessness." 21 November 2 2 .Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE). Similarly WomenEscaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE), also located in NorthernCalifornia, provides services to survivors of domestic violence and theirfamilies as well as survivors of sexual assault in the Sacramento Countyarea of the state. In 1992, the American Medical Association (AMA) predicted that one inthree women would be assaulted by a domestic partner at least once in herlifetime-that means roughly four (4) million women, annually. Battered women who have chosen to resort to homicide (in order torelieve the situation) have often tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully toobtain protection from their abusers. 22 November 2 2 .________. WEAVE ( offers a vast array of crisisintervention, advocacy and counseling programs. Home Page. Similarly with such a great emphasis on "human rights" for all (and theability to criticize other countries for lacking human rights), we areunable to bring a meaningful and lasting solution to a problem such asthis.Options for Battered Women Certainly when compared to the propensity for relief (for animals)provided by the various types of shelters, on the surface, there do notseem to be a lot of options for battered women. As violence becomes more frequent in the home, children experience a 3 % increase in physical violence by the male abuser. Of equal importance is the ability to provideemployment, job training/re-training options to battered women. . 22 November 2 2 .Cybergrrl Safety Net. The USDA State Look Up . Secondary is thefocus on the next level effects, those imposed on the family, such as thechildren and disenfranchised relatives outside of the nucleus of theeffected family element. Currently, there are 2, battered women in America who are serving prison time for defending their lives against their batterers. This can only be accomplished bycontinual focus and understanding that the problem exists and must bepermanently eradicated. Abuse Counseling and Treatment Index . The efforts of the Coalition has resulted in the filing of at leasttwenty-one (21) clemency petitions for women who believed that the killingsthey committed as a result of abusive environments were simply either inself-defense, or were the only conceivable way (to their personalperception at the time) they would be able to escape and/or obtain asignificant level of relief from a long standing, abusive, relationship.Sadly, in one very special case in particular, a woman repeatedly andconsistently beaten by her husband, for forty-eight (48) years! "Islamic Views on Domestic Violence." 21 November 2 2 .Sheftel, Bea. to coerce and to control the otherperson...." While the violence defined above may not happen often, itnevertheless will always remain below the surface in the relationship. Very often, it is the male in therelationship that controls the family financial situation. This organization has adapted a portion of their Web site to functionas an information portal for those individuals seeking answers to a varietyof questions pertaining to the battering of women as well as other relatedissues. Some of theseindividuals go to the extreme of asking their wives to provide to them aregular "accounting" of the budget money (Sheftel). 37% of the women who have been physically battered by their husbands, were also raped by their husbands. At the time this represented an annual "investment" indomestic violence of at least $3 billion (Shabazz).

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