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Essays on women in the holocaust

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  • $28.00
    Definition, early studies, impact on Holocaust & Vietnam survivors, evaluation & treatment.

    It was a humid summer day when Stan, a Vietnam veteran hero, walked into a small clothing store with a fully loaded semiautomatic rifle. He instructe... more
    7 pages | 7 sources | 7 citations | APA citation style

  • $40.00
    Experiences of Jewish suffering in death camps & survivors' coping methods. Guilt, rage, therapy, recovery, denial, survivors' children's experiences.

    This study will examine various aspects of the coping experiences of Jews during and after the Holocaust. The study will consider specifics of the suf... more
    10 pages | 6 sources | 17 citations | MLA citation style

  • $12.00
    Defines & presents some symptoms of anaclitic & introjective subtypes of depression.

    Depression Subtypes Introduction There are several different ways of characterizing depression. One of the most popular contemporary schemes identifi... more
    3 pages | 7 sources | 7 citations | TURABIAN citation style

  • $16.00
    Discusses the devil, evil and sin with respect to Jeffrey Burton Russell's book "The Prince of Darkness." The ideas of evil and its relation to Satan put forth by Russell.

    The Devil in the World Jeffrey Burton Russell defined popular religion as the study ofthe ways in which theological concepts filtered down into the re... more
    4 pages | 1 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

  • $16.00
    Examines psychosocial stages of life in the context of a 1992 interview with a 68-year-old woman. Discusses influences of her cohort, gender, and Jewish identity, and major and secondary themes in her life. Identifies her as in Erikson's life stage of Integrity versus Despair.

    ROSE A Psychosocial View of a Life Rose a Jewish woman who lived much of her life in the Midwest was years old when interviewed in Her life course is ... more
    4 pages | MLA citation style

  • $12.00
    A brief argumentative essay asserting that, in her poem "Daddy", Sylvia Plath critiques aspects of and institutions associated with a patriarchal society via condemnation of her speaker's domineering father.

    Sylvia Plath's Daddy as a Critique of Modern Patriarchy Superficially Sylvia Plath's poem Daddy is an embittered condemnation of a domineering father ... more
    3 pages | 1 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

  • $32.00
    This paper examines a revolutionary or reactionary movement within the United States; specifically the neo-Nazi movement. It briefly describes the movement and how it started, the key figures in its mission and whether or not any or all of its goals of an accomplished. It examines the neo-Nazi movement from the perspective of mainstream America and offers personal insights by the author of the the neo-Nazi movement and its relevance in 21st-century America

    Reactionary Movements According to a document published online by Wikipedia The FreeEncyclopedia the American Nazi Party is a reactionary or revolutio... more
    8 pages | 6 sources | 7 citations | APA citation style

  • $16.00
    Discusses how music was used by Jews in Nazi concentration camps and ghettos as a form of resistance.

    Music of the Holocaust Song and Survival It seems strange to associate music singing and the notion oftroubadours with the ghettos in which Europe's J... more
    4 pages | 4 sources | 12 citations | MLA citation style

  • $36.00
    historiography, ww2

    Postwar Historiography and Beyond Historiography is generally defined as either an analytical approachto a historical period or a body of historical l... more
    9 pages | 5 sources | 15 citations | Turabian citation style

  • $60.00
    This paper discusses the research for a documentary on Johanna Zeher-Dyer, a prison camp resident at Ravensbruck.

    Research Techniques for Documentary Film Working Treatment For Jews like JOHANNA ZEHRER-DYER the holocaust wasa horror that never stopped terrorizing ... more
    15 pages | 6 sources | 16 citations | Other citation style

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