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  • $40.00
    Idenfities significant issues in reform. Describes differing ideas of 10 prominent educators.

    Educational reform and change is a movement that was motivated by the 1983 report AA Nation At Risk,@ published by the National Commission on Excellen... more
    10 pages | 21 sources | 30 citations | MLA citation style

  • $44.00
    Discusses state of education in U.S. & necessity for change. Need for self-study in schools. Various reform programs in place. Issues involved including motivatioin of students, assessment of student achievement; higher education. Needs of the business community & education including teacher communication, computer, accounting & job market skills.

    Education in America is coming under close scrutiny as it is obvious that many students are not learning what they should, and are leaving school unpr... more
    11 pages | 10 sources | 19 citations | APA citation style

  • $24.00
    Discusses leadership and management principles. Importance of nursing perspective. Three critical issues: health care delivery system, organizational change and transition, quality improvement/risk management. Focuses on key role nursing plays. Reviews studies of nursing leadership; empowering nurses, new roles. Application to clinical practice.

    Nursing: Leadership and Management Principles Introduction Huber (2000) has noted that the U.S. health care system is a network of subsystems charac... more
    6 pages | 7 sources | 25 citations | APA citation style

  • $56.00
    Discusses their leadership styles. Contends that President Lincoln was a superior leader. Lincoln's possession of traits and qualities needed for success in a crisis such as the American Civil War; a statesman with a clear goal. Jefferson lacking some critical characteristics and attributes, in spite of his intellect and skill as a tactician.

    The Leadership Styles of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis Introduction During the upheaval of the American Civil War, the Union and the Confederac... more
    14 pages | 11 sources | 41 citations | TURABIAN citation style

  • $28.00
    An assessment of an individual’s personal philosophy of sport, recreation, and leisure and how integration of these concepts into one’s lifestyle helps to promote health, well-being, and happiness for the individual and the community. The analysis also explains how the individual will incorporate this philosophy into their career as a physical education teacher and an athletics coach.

    This I Believe Philosophy Into Practice My philosophy of recreation and leisure is extremely important to mystyle of leadership and effectiveness as p... more
    7 pages | 5 sources | 8 citations | APA citation style

  • $24.00
    Discusses what changes are needed in nursing curriculum in the future to meet the industry's needs.

    Nursing Curriculum for the Future The field of nursing is challenged today by a number of factors among which the nursing shortage managed care and it... more
    6 pages | 6 sources | 14 citations | APA citation style

  • $24.00
    Considers various ethical issues in education, including segregation, conflicts with business and higher education, and the issue of national testing. The different dimensions of ethics.

    Ethics in Education Introduction There are many dimensions to ethics in education ethics of teacher-student interaction the extremes of which give ris... more
    6 pages | 6 sources | 9 citations | APA citation style

  • $40.00
    Describes results of interview with a Nurse Manager, who answered five literature-derived questions on aspects of leadership in nursing. The qualities and characteristics of nurse managers.

    Lessons Learned From Nurse Leader-ManagersIntroduction Leaders and managers may share many of the same responsibilities buttheir roles within an organ... more
    10 pages | 5 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

  • $20.00
    This paper discusses the idea from Glickman, Gordon, and Ross-Gordon that collegiality in schools and collective supervision are essential for connecting school improvement to the local community and society overall.

    Superintendent Scenario Based on the description of the schools in Chapter One two issuesthat must be considered by the superintendent in establishing... more
    5 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | APA citation style

  • $20.00
    Case study about supervising a teacher who is having difficulty with his middle school science students.

    Case Study Developmental SupervisionSelection of Supervisory Approach The case of middle school science teacher Johnson presents achallenge to supervi... more
    5 pages | 4 sources | 11 citations | APA citation style

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