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  • $28.00
    Discusses its early history, surgery, remedies, charms. Examination of methods of healing wounds, fractures & dislocations.

    In the tomb of Sekhet'enanch, chief physician to the Pharaoh Sahura of the 5th Dynasty, there is the inscription describing the physician healing the ... more
    7 pages | 5 sources | 13 citations | TURABIAN citation style

  • $24.00
    (Sophocles) & [HAMLET]. Psychological comparison of tragic heroes.

    Sophocles’ Oedipus and Shakespeare's Hamlet have much in common. Both plays deal with corruption in the state, incest, and the psychological torment... more
    6 pages | 2 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

  • $48.00
    Effects of slum housing on residents, housing project failures, homeless, public policy, poverty cycle, crime & drugs, displacement, family disintegration, possible solutions.

    This study will investigate housing for the poor. Specifically, the areas to be covered will include the effects of slum housing on the residents, po... more
    12 pages | 10 sources | 16 citations | MLA citation style

  • $44.00
    Changes in character since 1897 novel, in filmic interpretations, emphasizing sexuality & violence.

    TRANSFORMATIONS OF A BLOODSUCKER Dracula has been one of the most popular characters in horror films for over fifty years. In the original novel, D... more
    11 pages | 9 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

  • $56.00
    Amer. involvement, Selective Service Act, conscientious objectors, media, college activity, 1968 Democratic National Convention, Kent State killings, Vietnam veterans, role of Nixon.

    During most of America’s history war has been glorified. Whether for political or economic reasons, the government has presented the option of war a... more
    14 pages | 16 sources | 28 citations | APA citation style

  • $28.00
    Reviews daily account of young Union prisoner in Confederate prison during Civil War.

    JOHN RANSOM'S ANDERSONVILLE DIARY The purpose of this paper is to describe the day-to-day life of the Union soldiers who were prisoners at the Ander... more
    7 pages | 1 sources | 11 citations | MLA citation style

  • $24.00
    Industry evolution, regulation, causes & prevention of accidents.

    You've heard the flight attendant's spiel dozens or even hundreds of times. The exits, the oxygen mask, the card in the seat in front of you. It's all... more
    6 pages | 6 sources | 11 citations | TURABIAN citation style

  • $28.00
    Critical analysis of two reviews of novel by Trevor McNeely & Brian Walter.

    Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita was a controversial novel when it was first published because of its story--the criminal abduction and rape of a twelve year... more
    7 pages | 3 sources | 15 citations | MLA citation style

  • $16.00
    This paper compares and contrasts the role of Eugene Morris Jerome, playwright Neil Simon’s youthful alter ego, in the first two parts of his semi-autobiographical trilogy, as well as the performances of this character in the two movies made from these plays. Brighton Beach Memoirs, filmed in 1986, and Biloxi Blues, filmed in 1988, center around Eugene as he is about to turn 15 and then at age 20, as he enters the military. The younger Eugene, played by the younger actor, is an interesting contrast with the older versions, showing the maturation of the character and the subtlety of a more mature, experienced actor playing an older character. Together, they create a revealing portrait of the playwright’s vision of himself. They also demonstrate how seasoning can inform a performance and deepen and enrich an initial story.

    This paper compares and contrasts the role of Eugene Morris Jerome playwright Neil Simon's youthful alter ego in the first two parts of hissemi-autobi... more
    4 pages | 3 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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