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  • $28.00
    Nursing intervention for care & prevention. Socioeconomics, education, responsibility, contraception, statistics, abortion & medical care. Outline.

    OUTLINE I. Introduction A. Overview of Problem B. Purpose of Paper II. Background Information A. Statistics on Teen Pregnancy B. Data on Teen Moth... more
    7 pages | 8 sources | 19 citations | APA citation style

  • $28.00
    Social, educational & language problems encountered & created by immigrants in New York City in context of Amer. ethnocentrism.

    THE UNITED STATESHAITI RELATIONSHIP This research considers the contemporary relationship between the United States and Haiti. One aspect of this re... more
    7 pages | 15 sources | 13 citations | TURABIAN citation style

  • $24.00
    Participation in events, media coverage, role of sports organizations, compared to men, major athletes.

    Women athletes in the Olympic Games traditionally have had fewer events to compete in, and while opportunities for women have increased in recent year... more
    6 pages | 9 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

  • $32.00
    Argues that, since teens are going to have sex anyway, we should accept it & provide free birth control.

    INTRODUCTION Teenage sexuality creates many problems in American society and is seen as contributing to the high rate of illegitimate births, the perp... more
    8 pages | 8 sources | 9 citations | APA citation style

  • $36.00
    Investigative report on effects of racism & poverty on Rosa Lee & her family, of Washington D.C. Focus is on Rosa Lee's impact, positive & negative, on her children, & factors that turned family to a life of crime & drugs. Discusses each chapter.

    "Rosa Lee" written by Leon Dash, investigative reporter for The Washington Post, chronicles four years in the life of Rosa Lee Cunningham's poverty s... more
    9 pages | 1 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

  • $24.00
    A literary study likening Emily Dickinson's upbringing, education, and lifestyle choices and resulting uniquely characteristic brand of poetry to the Chinese yin/yang principle of non-opposing opposites.

    Yin and Yang Emily Dickinson's Life and Writing Style As a Series of Non-Opposing Opposites Emily Dickinson considered by literary critics scholars an... more
    6 pages | 5 sources | 33 citations | MLA citation style

  • $20.00
    The reliability and validity of the 40-yard dash test is examined in this paper. Explains how the dash is regularly used to predict football performance, and yet is not reliable in the hands of different administrators, or different timing methods, and its validity has never been proven.

    Introduction Athletes are subjected to the dash test to assess their talent identify areas in need of improvement and set specific goals related tothe... more
    5 pages | 8 sources | 13 citations | APA citation style

  • $8.00
    Essay about the importance of the credit crisis and bailout for MBA students.

    The Credit Crisis and Me As an MBA student planning on a career in finance I am deeplydisturbed by the ongoing credit crisis taking place not only in ... more
    2 pages | 3 sources | 4 citations | APA citation style

  • $20.00
    I am a female, age 55, who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. The purpose of this paper is to develop a realistic nutrition and exercise plan that can be initiated within the next three days and continued throughout my life as part of the effort to assist me in returning my blood pressure to normal. It should be understood here that this does not mean that medication will not be taken, but it does mean that this plan can substantially lower the existing level of blood pressure along with the medication.

    Current Health Problem and Recommended Solution Personalized Nutrition andExercise Plan Introduction I am a female age who has been diagnosed with hig... more
    5 pages | 8 sources | 8 citations | APA citation style

  • $8.00
    This paper describes what the student learned from three different sections in The Brief New Century Handbook.

    Paragraphs What I learned most from the capitalization and italics section wasthat there are special rules for when to capitalize the first word of aq... more
    2 pages | 1 sources | 3 citations | APA citation style

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