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  • $52.00
    Electronic data processing, validity & security, auditing, access, examination of financial statements, transaction trail, manufacturing field.

    INTRODUCTION The purpose of this research is to examine the effects technological developments have had on the accounting profession. Technology h... more
    13 pages | 8 sources | 15 citations | APA citation style

  • $40.00
    Use of two or more media. Rationale, types, applications, objectives, examples, sociocultural effects.

    ABSTRACT This paper defined hypermedia in education as the simultaneous use of different sorts of media used for instructional purposes. Ten reasons... more
    10 pages | 16 sources | 17 citations | APA citation style

  • $16.00
    Life & career of inventor of computer mouse.

    Douglas C. Engelbart invented the computer mouse, and though most computer users do not know his name, they certainly know of his creation. This is n... more
    4 pages | 3 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

  • $80.00
    Creates a business & marketing plan to ensure the succesful entry into the Japanese market of Astro-Vest, an astrology-based investment software program.

    Export Feasibility Analysis of Astro-Vest Software to Japan EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Astro-Vest is a newly created product which has been in research and d... more
    20 pages | 13 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

  • $24.00
    Issues involved in providing special facilities for disabled in libraries. Laws, trends & theories; budget constraints vs legal mandates.

    This research will examine issues relevant to providing special facilities for the disabled in libraries, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities... more
    6 pages | 10 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

  • $80.00
    Discusses the influence and relevance of IT on market structure. Expansion of knowledge as the fundamental contribution of IT. Effect on production and personnel. Increased efficiency. IT's influence on organizational structure. Benefits to economics of a business. Market structure of IT. Network effect. Internet open network. Significance of Internet commerce.

    The Influence of Information Technology on Market Structure I. INTRODUCTION Today, information is vastly more available in real time than it has eve... more
    20 pages | 9 sources | 61 citations | APA citation style

  • $12.00
    Addresses need for access to technology in elementary school. Improved equality of education and academic performance. Two teachers and the principal of a Los Angeles elementary school discuss need for more technology and teacher training. Various technologies available at the school are cited.

    E-learning is an educational response to educational technology plan Getting America's Students Ready for the st Century established in by the Office ... more
    3 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | APA citation style

  • $8.00
    Identifies the importance of a disaster recovery plan for one's personal computer, including keeping files off-site. Identifies the types of files that might be on a typical computer.

    Personal Computer Disaster Recovery Plan Introduction Like most people who have a personal computer I have many files thatI rely on However I do not h... more
    2 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | MLA citation style

  • $24.00
    This paper examines the 1040 tax form as it reflects and shapes society and discusses the hidden welfare state as a manifestation of the government's control of taxpayer dollars.

    The Tax Form Shapes Society In the sense that tax policy is social policy the tax form bothreveals and shapes society It lists the taxpayer expenditur... more
    6 pages | 3 sources | 5 citations | APA citation style

  • $12.00
    JTI Case Analysis

    COMBINED INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS GROUP INDIVIDUAL PARTSScenarioYou have been hired as a consultant for JetSet Travel Inc JTI acompany wh... more
    3 pages | 3 sources | 3 citations | APA citation style

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