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In this book, author and transsexual Claudine Griggs examines the universal quest to understand what it means to be a woman or a man, a quest that has broader implications for human beings everywhere.
This paper is a discussion and analysis of S he Changing Sex andChanging Clothes by Claudine Griggs The book is an examination oftranssexuals and... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 10 citations | MLA citation style

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Transsexual Empires and Transgender Warriors: A Critique
Analyzes chapter titled Transsexual Empires and Transgender Warriors from Nikki Sullivan's book, A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory.
Sullivan on Transsexual Empires and Transgender Warriors Nikki Sullivan points out that while the terms transsexual andtransgender have been coined... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 9 citations | MLA citation style

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"Gender Treachery: Homophobia, Masculinity, and Threatened Identities" by Patrick Hopkins
Patrick Hopkins argues that two-gender classification is threatened by individuals who refuse to fit neatly into one of those two boxes. His argument focuses on homophobia, but his points can also be applied to feminism and the opposition it attracts.
This paper is a discussion and analysis of an essay by Patrick D Hopkins Gender Treachery Homophobia Masculinity and ThreatenedIdentities Hopkins... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 11 citations | MLA citation style

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"Paris Is Burning"
Jennie Livingston's 1991 documentary explores the late-1980s "ball culture" within the transgendered, Latino and African American community of NYC, and helps explore the traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity as gay drag performers compete to be considered "real" women.
This paper is a discussion of Jennie Livingston's documentary Paris Is Burning which depicts the ball culture of the late s inNew York City A seminal... more
4 pages | 3 sources | 9 citations | MLA citation style

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Marilyn Frye and Gender Theory
Discusses gender theory regarding the denial of lesbianism in phallocratic society as described by Marilyn Frye. Argues that denial of the existence of lesbians protects males from scrutiny. Taken from "To Be and be Seen: The politics of Reality."
Gender Issues in the Philosophy of Marilyn Frye In To Be and Be Seen The Politics of Reality Marilyn Frye begins her analysis of gender theory by... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

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Cosmo Girl
This paper provides a discussion of how the film "The devil Wears Prada" shows that working-class women often suffer from oppression rather than finding liberation in the workplace.
Cosmo Girl In David Frankel's The Devil Wears Prada the directoroffers a film that shows both the liberation and oppression of working-class women... more
1 pages | 1 sources | 3 citations | MLA citation style

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Gender Theory
Two essays discussing gender theory in terms of feminism and transsexualism; and in terms of gay and transgendered students.
Essay Transsexualism Feminism and Gender In Transsexualism Feminism and Gender the author challengesthose feminists who take exception to transsexuals... more
5 pages | 6 sources | 12 citations | MLA citation style

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Non-profit, Community-Based and Grassroots Organizations: Contexts and Paradoxes
Develops ideas presented in four articles. Discusses how community-based organizations are tied to social norms which keep them from reaching their potential as agents of liberation and change.
Non-profit Community-Based and Grassroots Organizations Context-BasedParadoxesNonprofit community-based and grassroots organizations... more
6 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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Response to Desai and Joseph
This paper uses articles by Manisha Desai and Miranda Joseph as a jumping-off point for a critical thinking response, examining how women are disenfranchised financially even though they have been shown to be better money managers.
Response to Desai and Joseph Manisha Desai's essay Transnational Solidarity and Miranda Joseph'sessay Not for Profit both deal with aspects of how the... more
2 pages | 2 sources | 2 citations | MLA citation style

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Gender Trouble
This book provides a discussion of the feminist theories related to gender expression and sexual desire offered by Judith Butler in Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity. How power structures in society construct false constructs of gender and sexual orientation are addressed from Butler's perspective.
Gender Trouble Introduction Sexuality and gender continue to be a focus of modern discourse onsociology philosophy and psychology In Gender Trouble... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 6 citations | MLA citation style

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