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Discusses link between taxation and voting behavior. Negative voter behavior based on the kind of taxation levied. Based on a study of the link between tax hikes and the loss of a gubernatorial incumbency. Contends that voters' perceptions of their own well being are shaped more at the State level than nationally.
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The question of whether voters always punish political leaders who raise taxes is the subject of Niemi, Stanley, and Vogel's article "State Economies and State Taxes: Do Voters Hold Governors Accountable?" The short answer is yes: The purpose of the article is to show that voters' perceptions of their own well being are shaped more locally (i.e., at the state level) than nationally and that a perception of economic weakness and financial insecurity, aggravated by an increase in taxes, tends to lead to rejection of the incumbent governor under whose watch the individual tax burden was enacted.
The method that the authors use to demonstrate the link between tax hikes and loss of gubernatorial incumbency is to cross-reference published state tax data with exit polls. Such data are measured against state election results, which are of cours

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