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Life, career, influences, major works, style & forms of 18th Cent. Italian composer.
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Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) wrote nearly 500 concertos of various types, composed at least 50 operas and other vocal and instrumental pieces by the score, strongly influenced the direction of violin technique, and was a primary influence on Johann Sebastian Bach. His career was characterized by great fame as a violin virtuoso, "enormous productivity and [an] unusually wide circulation of his music" (Talbot 1). Yet for two centuries after his death Vivaldi and his music sank into "utter oblivion" and were only resurrected in the latter half of the twentieth century (Landon 7). Despite this long absence Vivaldi's reputation has revived swiftly. Although his vocal works and other instrumental pieces are not, as yet, well known, he was one of the primary innovators of the concerto form and, appropriately, his concertos, such as the suite of four known as

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