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Examines views on leader's abilities & adaptability & differences between virtue & fortune.
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Examines views on leader's abilities & adaptability & differences between virtue & fortune.

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    Examines two documents in the liberal political tradtion. Texts reviewed are John Stuart Mill's three main texts (On Liberty, Subjection of Women, Utilitarianism); and The reolevance of Thomas Hobbes's political theories to contemporary politics in the U.S.
    Discusses different way power is depicted in three literary works. Their historical era. Homer's THE ODYSSEY, Jonathan Swift's GULLIVER'S TRAVELS & Machiavelli's THE PRINCE. Depiction of human beings as power brokers and pawns in power struggles. How political power operated. How political power should be taken, utilized and maintained by the ruler.
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    This paper is a summary of Chapters 1 (moral challenges of power and self-interest) and 2 (virtue and morality of leaders) of Joanne B. Ciulla's book The Ethics of Leadership, with the main points in sets of bullets.
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    Role, nature & motivations of Ophelia & Gertrude in this tragedy.
    Examines three systems. John Rawls' theory of distributive justice to achieve equality. Fairness and justice. Aristotle's virtue ethics, and the underlying moral character of an individual. Excellence of thought and of character. Aristotle's six dimensions of virtue ethics. Machiavillian ethics. Rejection of pursuit of good for its own sake. Machiavelli's ideas on effective leaders.

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