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Examines views on leader's abilities & adaptability & differences between virtue & fortune.
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Examines views on leader's abilities & adaptability & differences between virtue & fortune.

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  • The Ethics of Leadership
    This paper is a summary of Chapters 1 (moral challenges of power and self-interest) and 2 (virtue and morality of leaders) of Joanne B. Ciulla's book The Ethics of Leadership, with the main points in sets of bullets.
    & (Cicero's) [On Moral Obligation]. Comparison of their works & philosophies.
    Major political arguments (political ruthlessness & pragmatism) in context of author's life & era; critique of ideas & relation to modern regimes.
    Philosophic foundations. Focus is on his view of human nature, the concept of fortune & the ends-means distinction.
  • Machiavelli's The Prince
    This paper describes Niccolo Machiavelli's view of what a ruler should do, according to his work The Prince. A ruler's religion, ethics, and honesty are discussed.
  • Exploring the Divine Right of Kings
    An exploration of a king's divine right through two works of literature: Shakespeare's drama "Macbeth" and Machiavelli's "The Prince." The nature of kingship. How both works express the sentiment that a ruler must do whatever is necessary to remain in power and maintain order.
    Philosophical discussion of the death-penalty. History of state-sanctioned death penalty for certain crimes. Ethical, religious and philosophical thought regarding capital punishment. Views for and against. Civil and moral legislation. State theory of various Western philosophers. Controversy surrounding the death penalty in the U.S. Racism. Whether capital punishment acts as a deterrent against crime.
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    Discusses Thomas Aquinas and Machiavelli on politics, rule, and their relation to Aristotle's concept of man as a political animal.
    Compares their views on human nature as presented in THE PRINCE & UTOPIA.
  • Capital Punishment and Ethics
    Pros and cons of the death penalty, with a conclusion that an ethical society takes great risks to its reputation if it has capital punishment as public policy. Refers to the moral precepts of Socrates.

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