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Use of 3d person point of view & symbolism in "The Woman Who Rode Away" & "The Blind Man."
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D.H. Lawrence was long a controversial literary figure largely because of his attention to sexual issues in his works. One of his more neglected works is a short story entitled "The Woman Who Rode Away," a story in which the author contrasts a view of the primitive with the modern world and evokes a sense of deeper meaning through ancient sexual rituals. The story has power because of the mysterious nature of both the main character and her motivations and the ancient world to which she aspires, the world of an Indian tribe hidden behind the mountains. In this story, Lawrence deliberately leaves his characters somewhat sketchy and vague in order to emphasize their larger role as types, as representatives of different cultures and different times. In his "The Blind Man," the third-person omniscient point of view is used, with the narrator

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