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Analysis of talk shows and "reality" shows. Characterized as programs that seek out the lowest common denominator, sordid topics and sexual misconduct. Purpose of high ratings and advertising fees. The success of these shows and TV viewers. Network and Cable shows. Arguments that such shows are designed as entertainment with moral lessons.
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Trash TV, which consists of talk shows such as those of
Jerry Springer and the "reality shows" such as Survivor and The
Real World, has been characterized by Jim Impoco (1996) as consisting of programs that deliberately seek out the lowest
common denominator, focus on sordid and squalid topics, and
often interject a fair amount of blatant sexual misconduct into
their contents. Driving the proliferation of "trash TV" is a
quest for higher ratings from audiences and higher advertising
fees from sponsors (Crabtree, 1995). In this brief report, it
will be argued that the redeeming social value of such shows,
which include talk shows and "reality programs" like Survivor
and its ilk is minimal at best and non-existent at worst.
Crabtree (1995) commented fairly early on that trash TV,

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