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Examines accounts of survivors of ship disaster, emphasizing socioeconomic hierarchy of passengers & failure of planning.
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When the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912, only approximately 700 of her more than 2,200 passengers were rescued. Out of those only 26 percent were in the third class, even though Titanic carried more third class passengers than first and second combined (Geller 197-216). Subsequent survivor accounts would reveal that first and second class passengers were given more opportunities for rescue in several ways. Eloise Smith was a first class passenger who escaped in a lifeboat. Her account hints at the underlying view that largely determined who survived the sinking of Titanic: "The cries [of passengers in the sea] we heard I thought were seamen, or possibly steerage who had overslept, it not occurring to me for a moment that my husband and my friends were not saved" (Quinn 112).
On 10 April 1912, the American-owned British-operated White Star

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