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Analysis of the Greek pottery work. Attribution of the 515 B.C. pot to the painter Euphronius. Value of the Sarpedon Boy as an example of a subject matched to the pottery vessel's shape. Description of the piece as an example of red-figured painting as a complex set of images.
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The Sarpedon Boy Krater of the Euphronius Painter

The Ancient Greeks were masters of sculpture and architecture, but they also excelled at painting, particularly in the decorative painting of ceramics used in both daily life and rituals. Over twenty thousand pots have survived to present what Wood, Cole and Gealt (1989) have characterized as an excellent overview not only of the functional uses to which the Greeks put such items, but also of the major philosophical, historical, cultural and religious currents shaping Greek life. This brief report will consider one such work – the Sarpedon Boy Krater, attributed to the painter Euphronius, and made about 515 B.C.
The Krater of the Sarpedon Boy is an excellent example of

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