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Eastern and western empire. Extent of the fall of the western Roman empire. Divisions in the Latin west and Greek east. Consequences of civil and administrative restructuring. Concentration of power and jurisdiction in the executive. Response of the eastern empire to the conquest patterns of Islam. Role of Christianity. Authority of the Pope.
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This research examines whether and to what extent the Western Roman Empire can be said to have "fallen" over the course of the third to fifth centuries AD and how the West fared vis-à-vis the Eastern Empire over the same period. The research will discuss how the Eastern Empire responded to the conquest patterns of Islam from the seventh century onward, as well as the role of Christianity in the fate of both the East and the West.
Gibbon's narrative of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire begins essentially from the death of the last of the so-called five good emperors, Marcus Aurelius, in AD 180. Gibbon goes on to provide the precarious histories of a number of emperors, some good, most bad--and almost all assassinated. But under Diocletian, Rome in AD 286 underwent a civil and administrative restructuring that had major long-term conse

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