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Discusses changes in the structure of the industry. Historical background of recorded music. Music publishing. Royalty system. Impact of new technology on the music industry. Consumers ability to copy recordings. Problem of unauthorized distribution of music files on Internet. MP3 technology. Napster. Future changes.
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1. The music industry has long faced challenges to the way that it is structured, and the music industry as it exists today is very different than the music industry that existed at the beginning of the twentieth century. To understand the challenges facing the music industry today, it is necessary to understand the issues that the music industry has confronted previously.
Recorded music only came into being in the late 1800s. Until that time, technology did not allow for the preservation of performances. Composers and musicians generated their incomes from performances, and later, from sheet music sales. The introduction of the phonograph meant that performances could be preserved and played repeatedly. The music publishing industry recognized that this provided an excellent way to promote sheet music. With the advent of radio (another new technology), the empha

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