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Discusses the "new" economics brought about by 9/11. Economics and forecasting. The high-tech age. Human capital. Traditional policies and dependence on the GDP. Considers the new long-range outlook for achieving balanced budget and GDP growth. Production goals, consumer attitudes, downsizing of companies. Ten recommendations for federal government and business community to adopt.
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More than anything else, the progress of the world in the 21st Century depends on economics. It affects everything and everyone, whether natives in darkest Africa, striving to avoid encroaching urbanization, to the middle aged managers, now out of work in America because of downsizing. While we tend to consider macroeconomics as a worldly overview of resources, Microeconomics is a far more personal aspect of the world economy in general. What we earn, what we spend, what we save, how diligently we work and retain our jobs is all part of the economic system that controls our daily lives.
Because of the wide range of subjects, the following pages are more a generalized overview, with some specific recommendations, based on the “new” economics that the September 11 events hav

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