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This paper provides a nursing assessment of the 1976 TV movie directed by Daniel Petrie, Sybil, which tells the story of an adult woman with an undiagnosed case of dissociative identity disorder (DID). The symptoms, causes, and treatment of the condition, formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPD)are addressed. Also discussed as are the professional and ethical issues dealt with by Sybil’s psychiatrist.
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Sybil Introduction The TV movie Sybil directed by Daniel Petrie serves as a casestudy of the development symptoms and treatment of an undiagnosed adultfemale living with multiple personality disorder Sybil Dorsett is a mildgraduate student painter who works as a substitute teacher and lives byherself in New York City When the blackouts and odd behavior she hasexperienced all her life one blackout lasting two years threaten tooverwhelm her ability to cope with them Sybil injures herself during ablackout and is taken to

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