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Examines studies on the relationship of stress on poor food choices, Issues of stress-induced eating, stress and food choice, gender and female choices, obesity and eating disorders. Correlation between emotional and motivational states and overeating. Stress and metabolism. Eating habits of women and men under stress. Emotional distress and overeating.
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This research paper examined the influence of stress on dietary intake with a discussion of stress-induced eating, stress and food choice, gender and female choices, obesity and eating disorders, and conclusions. The literature reported that animal and human studies have been conducted and each support the relationship between stress and overeating, poor food choices, obesity, and eating disorders. Human studies have shown that stress results in high cognitive loads and threats to the ego which prevents diet monitoring and results in increased snack-food choices and overeating. Further analysis of stress-induced eating has shown that emotional stress, more than environmental stress, and psychophysiological responses are mediating factors.

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