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Uses of statistics. Collecting, organization, analyzing and presenting data. Two basic types of data: categorical and Quantitative. Various approaches to organizing data and approaches to other tasks. Averages and variations. Theory of probability. Normal and Binomial distribution. Sampling distribution. Estimation. Hypothesis testing. Chi Square & ANOVA. Regression and correlation. Non-paramatric statistics.
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The term “statistics” to many (perhaps most) people implies a collection of numerical data about a topic. The extent to which most people have confidence in the validity of such a collection of data depends upon the topic, the source of the data, and the extent to which they think the data are measurable. As an example, most people are more likely to accept the accuracy of major league baseball statistics than are likely to express confidence in the accuracy of the failure rate of Firestone tires on Ford Explorers.
The term “statistics” to a smaller proportion of the population refers to the processes of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting data is forms usable for policy analysis, decision-m

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