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Life & career of 20th Cent. British author of [Loneliness of Long Distance Runner].
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British novelist Alan Sillitoe came to prominence as a chronicler of working class life and featured protagonists whose struggles for survival occurred outside the mainstream of society, often in terms of attacking the class system of Great Britain. His first two major works made him part of the generation of Angry Young Men, as they were called. Over time, however, Sillitoe has mellowed and changed so that his fiction would become further from his working class roots and further from the details of his own life, which had earlier served as his source. Though he remained prolific, he achieved less success and less renown as he moved away from his angry beginnings.
Sillitoe was born on March 4, 1928 in Nottingham. He was the second of five children born to Sylvina and Christopher Sillitoe, who was a tannery laborer. Both the time and social

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