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His contributions to the field of chemistry. His original work in thermodynamics and valence theory. His academic background and career as a faculty member at MIT and U.C. Berkeley. His scientific research and theories of electrons bonding in pairs and the role of isotopes in chemistry and physics.
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Scientist Gilbert Newton Lewis' reputation lies in his extensive contributions to the field of chemistry. Lewis was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts on October 23, 1875. He was schooled at home by his parents in his early years, and at age 14, entered the University of Nebraska. After three years there, he transferred to Harvard College. After receiving his baccalaureate degree at Harvard, he taught for a year at Phillips Andover Academy before returning to Harvard to study for his doctorate (Harris, 1999). Lewis earned his Ph.D. at the age of 24 under the supervision of T. W. Richards, who trained him in experimental techniques and careful measurements. His thesis topic was on the thermodynamics of zinc and cadmium amalgams, at a time when physical chemistry was just beginning to be recognized as a branch of science. (Harris, 1999). Richards had spark

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