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Origins (2nd Cent. A.D.), development, Greek influences, style, cultural philosophy, homes, temples, theaters.
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Architecture that was distinctively Roman did not begin to emerge until the first century BC and only reached full development at the time of Augustus one century later. Because Rome was formed from interactions with many different Italian groups and because the Roman Empire took in so much area and so many different peoples, Roman culture was not homogeneous. Nearly every aspect of its culture was heavily influenced by other Italians (particularly the Etruscans), Greeks, and peoples of the Near East and Europe. Pollitt divides the long developmental period of Roman art and architecture into three phases. The first two were the Etruscan phase (seventh and sixth centuries BC) and the Italic phase (which corresponded with the beginning of the Republic and occupied the next two centuries). The third period was the Greek phase "dating to the third and

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