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Life & work of 19th Cent. French Symbolist poet.
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The poetry of Arthur Rimbaud is often explained in terms of his biography. Such an approach is often used for literary figures, though many critics find that it is less important than the form and content of the literary works themselves. In the case of Rimbaud, however, the relationship between his life and his work has become a focus because he seems to have lived in a way that expressed certain poetic and non-conforming attitudes, while it is also possible to find a number of links between Rimbaud's life and certain images that recur in his poetry: "A revolutionary both in his life and in his art, Rimbaud exerted a radical influence on the scope and direction of French poetry." As a poet, Rimbaud is considered innovative, and his accomplishment as a poet is all the more remarkable considering how little he wrote and how young he was when he died. He is

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