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His conversion to Roman Catholicism. His choosing a life of solitude and enterting the Trappist monastery as a monk. His concept of sacramental solidtude. Ability to listen to God. Detachment from material aspects of the secular world. His application of spirituality to world issues through his writings. His criticisms of contemporary religion.
Thomas Merton (1915-1968), a Trappist monk of the Cistercian Abbey of Gethseman near Bardstown, Kentucky, was well-known for applying spirituality to... more
4 pages | 5 sources | 8 citations | MLA citation style

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Examines the religious ideas of the two leaders of the Protestant Reformation. Social changes of the 16th Century. Luther's challenge to the Church. His concepts of Revelation, faith and the relationship between humanity and God. Calvin's amplification of Luther's ideas. Doctrinal differences between Lutheranism and Calvinism. Calvin's belief in predestination.
Martin Luther (1483-1546) and John Calvin (1509-1564) were two of the principal leaders of the Protestant Reformation that transformed Western Europe... more
8 pages | 5 sources | 19 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses the vital role the Church has played in African American culture. Its function as the social center in a racist society. How Black theology is different from White theology. Churches as centes of political, educational and social lives, not just houses of worship. Slaves and religion. Charismatic leaders of African American Christians.
When black slaves arrived from Africa, they were not Christian. Today, American African-Americans may well... more
3 pages | 5 sources | 8 citations | APA citation style

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The Pope's emphasis on the union of theology and philosophy in the quest for truth. His 1998 encyclical "Fides et Ratio: On the Relationship between Faith and Reason." Concept of mutual support of faith and reason. Principle of non-contradiction. Problem of reliance of science on reason alone. Universality of truths.
In his 1998 encyclical, Fides et Ratio: On the Relationship between Faith and Reason, John Paul II sought to re-emphasize the close bond that unites... more
8 pages | 6 sources | 32 citations | MLA citation style

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Compares and contrasts the three religions. Their origins and basic beliefs. Idea of suffering. Hinduism's vision of existence. Belief in reincarnation of the two Eastern religions. Christian belief that individuals have one life on earth and eternal existence. Monotheism of Christianity. Many gods of Hinduism. Godhead of Buddhism.
This study will compare and contrast Christianity, Hinduism,
and Buddhism, focusing on their origins and basic beliefs as
presented in the... more
3 pages | 3 sources | 4 citations | APA citation style

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Compares and contrasts how two writers treat the issue of the Church and kings within a social system. Books are THE LIFE OF CHARLEMAGNE and HISTORY OF THE FRANKS. How the religioius feelings of rulers shaped Church-State relationships.. Interaction of the secular and the religious for mutual advantage. Church-State power conflicts.
The purpose of this brief essay is to compare and contrast the treatment of the relationship between monarch(s) and the Church in The Life of... more
4 pages | 2 sources | 18 citations |

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Examines how the Holocaust has been a central event in shaping identity for survivors and their children, and other Jews. Contends that the Holocaust created an ethnocentric identity. Concept of a world Jewish community. Role of the State of Israel. Secularization of Jewish communities. Observance of rituals. Impact of modernity.
What does it mean to be a Jew? This question of ontological status seems to be more troubling to Jews than to the members of other religions,... more
10 pages | 5 sources | 12 citations | APA citation style

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Discusses conflicts between religioius practitioners of Peyotism and American laws and society. First Amendment protection vs. traditional use of psychedelic drug (peyote/mescal). History of Peyotism; its rites & ceremonies. Its religious significance. Its social & cultural characteristics. The Ghost Dance. Sense of identity. Actions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) & traditional Christian missionaries. Current legal status of the religion of Peyotism.
Peyotism is the largest religion started, organized, and directed by and for Native Americans and gets its title from the fact that members of the... more
9 pages | 6 sources | 10 citations | APA citation style

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Compares differences and some similarities in ritual & belief in non-Christian (African) and Christian (Baptist) religion. Examines the cultural differences related to these religions for Africans and African-Americans. Historical Baptist ties to slavery. Imposition of Christianity on slaves. Nature of worship. Survival of African religioius spirit and experience in religioius beliefs of African Americans in the U.S.
There are important differences in ritual and belief between the non-Christian religion (African) described in Marimba Ani's Let the Circle Be... more
3 pages | 2 sources | 10 citations | MLA citation style

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Spiritual purpose of fasting in Christianity, Judaism & Islam. Pillar of Fasting of Islam which prescribes behavior for the sacred month of Ramadan. Fast of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, one of the Jewish high holy days. Ritual practice of fasting in Christianity; history of ascetecism, Lenten period, differences from Judaism & Islam.
Fasting in Religious Tradition
Fasting is a fairly common element in religious traditions, one of the spiritual practices... more
4 pages | 6 sources | 6 citations | APA citation style

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