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Pet Sitting Services

Design of a business plan. Proposes an alternative to kennels, a pet sitting service, in Long Island. Analyzes customer needs, business goals, & achievement of goals.
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Pet Sitting Service
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The service to be provided is a pet sitting service for people who need someone to watch their animals for a period of time. The service is to be designed as an alternative to the kennel. This sort of business has been developed in various parts of the country, and the business can include a number of extras besides just watching the animals, from watching the house while vacationers are away to pet grooming during the same period of time. This business will be designed to watch pets while people are at work, when they need emergency services such as having their pet transported to the vet when they cannot do it themselves, and whenever the owner cannot be with his or her pet and needs someone to take care of the animal. When people are on

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