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John Bowlby's four stages of attachment. Development of attachment between mother and child. Caregiver relationship. Coping with separation; separation anxiety. Criticism of Bowlby's model as focusing primarily on the mother as an attachment object. Identification of other criteria for determining secure or insecure attachment. Cites research studies.
With his identification of the four stages of attachment, John Bowlby (1969) was instrumental in illuminating the changes in the development of... more
8 pages | 9 sources | 23 citations | APA citation style

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Discusses its applications to child development. Depth perception of young children and infants. Binocular perception and stereopsis. Issue of maturation versus the environment. Effects of eye surgery on binocular depth perception. Original experiments of the visual cliff and their implications. Modifications of the original experiments. Role of locomotion. Social referencing. Table of Contents.
Depth Perception, Locomotion and Social Referencing:
The Applications of the Visual Cliff to Child Development
I. Introduction
II.... more
19 pages | 11 sources | 48 citations | APA citation style

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Discussion of the role of the visual cliff. How it is used in the study of child development. Depth perception of infants and young children; binocular perception and stereopsis; effects of eye surgery. Maturation vs. environment. Original experiments using the visual cliff. Modifications of the experiments. Social referencing. Outline.
Depth Perception, Locomotion and Social Referencing:
The Applications of the Visual Cliff to Child Development

I. Introductionmore
21 pages | 11 sources | 54 citations | APA citation style

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A psycho-historical approach to the adolescence of the President. Considers three developmental theories: Erik Erikson's psychosocial approach. James Fowler's concept of the development of faith. Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Connects the theories to Clinton's biography. Contends that Clinton developed lifelong attachments to people who later worked for him in politics.
In considering a Psycho-historical approach to the
adolescence of President Bill Clinton three developmental
theories will be used as... more
11 pages | 8 sources | 27 citations | APA citation style

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Discusses various factors and influences. Examines the diagnostic criteria, the DSM-IV major depressive criteria. Somatic complaints, irritability and social withdrawal. Comorbidity including disruptive disorders and eating disorders, substance abuse, suicide attempts, phobias, panic attacks. Etiology of the condition. Environmental factors including family, peer, trauma and stress. Genetic factors.
This research paper will present a discussion regarding adolescent depression. The following topics... more
16 pages | 15 sources | 25 citations | APA citation style

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Examines two theories of self-esteem in education. The view that students who esteem themselves highly will do better academically, and the view that students will achieve self-esteem only if they have earned it by performing well academically. Alignment to juvenile delinquency. Discusses the self-esteem/academic performance relationship of various programs.
According to Edelstein (2001), there are current two basic views of self-esteem in education, which is said to be commonly defined... more
6 pages | 6 sources | 9 citations | APA citation style

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PTSD as a psychiatric diagnosis first diagnosed in combat veterans. Traumatic events experienced by adolescents that can trigger severe psychological resonses. Criteria needed for a diagnosis of PTSD. Population affected. Symptoms. Effect on behaviors; interupption of normal functioning. Lack of coping strategies of adolescents. Treatment available. Importance of early intervention.
This paper is a discussion of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in adolescents. PTSD is a relatively recent diagnosis which recognizes the fact... more
10 pages | 17 sources | 30 citations | APA citation style

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Examines ADHD as a developmental disorder. Characteristics of ADHD. Symptoms (short attention span, lack of focus); effect on academic performance. Causes of ADHD including a genetic component, exposure to lead and other toxins, traumatic brain injury. Neurochemical research. Possible link to childhood bipolar disorder. Primary diagnosis. Treatments including psychotherapy and medications. Alternative treatments.
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a developmental disorder and is characterized by an inability to stay focused on... more
14 pages | 13 sources | 24 citations | APA citation style

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Summarizes possible causes of depression and teenage suicide. Risk factors identified by psychologists and clinicians. External contributors (gender, birth order, substnce abuse, social pressure, unstable families, conduct disorder). Internal contributors (hopelessness, coping skill deficits). Negative outcomes.; academic problems. Need to develop prevention tools. Paper contains many quotations.
Depression has become a multi-million dollar industry. Mainstream daily life offers many stressful life events that are compounded... more
4 pages | 4 sources | 18 citations | APA citation style

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Focuses on school-age children. Lifespan approach to human development and cultural-psychology. Lifespan theory of continuous transformation. Moral-ethical content of Biblical approach. Challenges to young children (death of a parent, divorce, sibling rivalry). Core needs. Challenges for adolescents. Cites Biblical passages that pertain to child and adolescent development.
This research provides a biblical perspective on the life span, focusing on school-age children and adolescents. The plan of the research will be to... more
13 pages | 7 sources | 10 citations | APA citation style

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