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as targeted to male market. Sexual differences, violence, subjugation, power, fantasy.
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    Analyzes 1983 article's argument that porno is not a major social problem.
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    Examines pornography and the Internet; the social, ethical, legal issues and theories surrounding this topic. Internet pornography and censorship. Government restrictions. Internet pornography as big business.
    Pro & con views. Degradation of & violence against women, exploitation of consumers, civil liberatarian & radical feminist attitudes, laws & court decisions, censorship vs. free choice.
    Views of women on degradation of women in pornographic material. Objectification, sadism, male justification, feminist agenda.
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    This project is the negative answers to two questions. Should the government ban cyber porn on the Internet? and Should the US end the war on drugs?
    Ethical issues, sexual attitudes, legal restrictions & possible remedies. Effects on behavior, & impact of pornography on children (1973).
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    This paper discusses Internet sex addiction and its impact on families, as well as how pastors can mobilize their churches to combat it and what pastoral approaches can be used.

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