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as targeted to male market. Sexual differences, violence, subjugation, power, fantasy.
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    Examines how pornography interacts with sexual violence. Question of whether pornography promotes sexual violence. The objectification of women. Women as victims. Causal relationship between exposure to porno and the acceptance of rape myth. Desensitization of males toward rape. Pornography's message of male domination and contempt for women's dignity.
  • Sexual Assault against Children
    This paper examines the issue of sexual assault against children, discussing the societal factors that promote such assault and the factors associated with children that make them more susceptible to sexual assault. Research in the literature is discussed, highlighting especially the ease of engaging in pedophilia and obtaining child sex porn online, and options for controlling the problem are discussed.
  • Sex/Internet Addiction and Religious Community
    This paper discusses Internet sex addiction and its impact on families, as well as how pastors can mobilize their churches to combat it and what pastoral approaches can be used.
    Discusses legal, sociological & psychological elements and their different focus on the issue. Current legal battle re: negative effects of Internet porno on children. Lack of empirical evidence. Critically explores existing literature re: effect of pornography. Argues that some conclusion can be drawn e: adverse effect of prolonged exposure to porno.
  • Vladimir Nabokov: Lolita
    An analysis of Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel, "Lolita," of the relationship between a middle-aged man and a 12-year-old girl that argues it is art not pornography. Includes outline of the paper.
  • Pornography and the Internet
    Examines pornography and the Internet; the social, ethical, legal issues and theories surrounding this topic. Internet pornography and censorship. Government restrictions. Internet pornography as big business.
    Views of women on degradation of women in pornographic material. Objectification, sadism, male justification, feminist agenda.
    Negative effects of viewing & using pornography, emphasizing violence against women, distorted perceptions of sexuality, reduction of human beings to sexual objects, rise in aggression, sexual dysfunction.
  • Getting Off: Pornography and the End ofMasculinity
    This paper discusses masculinity in American society and why pornography holds such potent attraction for men.
  • Censorship: The Good and Bad of It
    This paper discusses the good and bad sides of censorship and points out the need for a balance. It emphasizes three types of censorship: military censorship, censorship of pornography and violence, and ideological censorship. The paper contains an annotated bibliography.

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