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Examines causes & consequences of war between Iraq and Western nations led by U.S. Oil, economics, politics, U.S. policy, leadership, goals, costs, outcome.
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This research paper examines the causes and explores the consequences of the War in the Persian Gulf of early 1991. The basic cause of the war between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the allied coalition led by the United States was Iraq's armed seizure of Kuwait in early August 1990 and the decision by the United States and its allies that their vital interests required the restoration of the status quo ante bellum; however, various factors contributed to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and its refusal to relinquish its conquest. The consequences of the war largely flowed from the decisive nature of the allied victory, namely, the removal of Iraq's threat to Western oil interests in the Gulf and to the political stability of Gulf states. Other consequences were more indirect, some of which have longer range

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