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History, evolution, techniques, purpose, costs of straightening teeth & correcting bite.
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This paper is a study of orthodontistry, the dental specialty concerned with straightening teeth and correcting malocclusion, problems with the way the teeth come together to chew food. Orthodontics provides patients with cosmetic improvements in the look of the face and the line of the jaw. It can also improve chewing and reduce irregular wear on teeth. It can cut down on stress to the jaw and gums, as well as improve the patient's ability to breathe. Experts disagree on the extent to which orthodontal adjustments are necessary to correct minor anomalies. Nevertheless, they agree that most orthodontic work should be planned and carried out by an orthodontic specialist, rather than a general dentist. Orthodontia is one of the most complex of the dental specialties, requiring considerable training beyond the dental degree and necessitating continuing

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