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Discusses increasing number of elderly in long term care facilities. What can be done to make long term care better. Impact of cost, quality, access of Medicare and Medicaid, and new technology in nursing homes. Reasons why costs vary. What constitutes quality nursing homes. Problem of access. Alternative care.
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Nursing Homes
The number of elderly who are living longer is on the rise because of new methods of treatments, new medications and use of medical technology to improve their life span. On any given day, nursing homes, or as many are now called, “long-term care facilities”, are caring for about one in twenty Americans over the age of 65. Almost half of all Americans turning 65 this year will be admitted into a nursing home at least once. It is projected that in 2020, 40 percent of Americans will die in nursing homes. As the numbers increase in utilization of nursing homes, there is increasing concern about cost, quality and access- concerns that need to get attention. The purpose of this research paper is to discuss what has been done in recent years and what can be done in th

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