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Reviews studies on nurse education and training. General training. Foram elducational paths: Associate degree in nursing, Bachelor of Science degree in nursing , and diploma A.D.N. programs offered by community and junior colleges. Diploma programs, given in hospitals. Discusses studies on relationship between amount of training & tests of student competency. Other factors that influence competency of nurses.
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According to a report issued by the Department of Labor (1998), as the largest health care occupation, there are over 2.2 million nurses currently working in the profession. About three out of every five of these nurses work in hospitals (both inpatient and outpatient departments. Others work mostly in offices, clinics and other health and/or home health care organizations and agencies (e.g., nursing homes, social service agencies, religious organizations, etc.) About one out of every four nurses work part-time.
In terms of general training, the Department of Labor (1998) reports that in all States, nurses are required to pass a national licensing exam and can be licensed in one or more Sta

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