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Assesses changes in the characterization of Satan in John Milton's PARADISE LOST & PARADISE REGAINED.
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In terms of the characterization of Satan specifically, Paradise Regained offers a logical development from Paradise Lost. The character of Satan is different, but it is a difference that can be explained by the time that has passed and by changing circumstances as he must deal with the issues of battle over the souls of human beings rather than with the vast war in Heaven pictured in the earlier epic. Satan thus develops as a character through the two epics and between them, and an analysis of the Satan of the two works show how this has been effected, how it is portrayed, and what effects it has on the narrative.

The Satan of Paradise Lost is a military leader, a commander of a legion of doomed angels rebelling after having been cast out of Heaven. Satan is a very real character in Paradise Lost, as he is in Paradise Regained, though he works out his inner turmoil in diffe

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