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The life and career of the anthropoligist. The status she received in the field of anthropology. Controversy over her data and research in Samoa. Her field trips. Her theories of adolescence based on her work with primitive women in Samoa. Other fieldwork. Her careers as anthropologist, museum curator, University teacher, writer, lecturer.
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Born on December 16, 1901, Margaret Mead became one of the world’s leading anthropologists, and her fame became worldwide with the publication of her book “Coming of Age in Samoa”. However, despite the good reviews the book received, and the status she achieved in the field of Anthropology, her career was beset in later years with controversy over her data and research in Samoa.
In 1925, she went on “her first field trip, to undertake a ‘study in heredity and environment based on an investigation of the phenomenon of adolescence among primitive and civilized peoples.’ Her task, as she described it, would ‘involve working almost entirely with women, and should therefore add appreciably to our ethnological information on the subject of primitive women.’” (Howard 1995 1)

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