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Negative Numbers
history of negative numbers
history of negative numbers Introduction The history of negative numbers is traced and discussed in this paper In addition to tracing and discussion... more
6 pages | 4 sources | 10 citations | APA citation style

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History of Zero
History of Zero
history of zero Introduction The findings of a review into the history of zero are presented inthis paper In addition to tracing the history of zero... more
6 pages | 5 sources | 13 citations | APA citation style

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The History, Epistemology and Pedagogy of Mathematics
This paper discusses the cultual history of mathematics from ancient to contemporary times. The paper also discusses our knowledge about mathematics, and considers the view that there are some things that are beyond the limits of knowledge. In addition, the paper addresses how the teaching of mathematics has developed over time.
Introduction Mathematics is important to human life in various ways The use ofmathematics ranges from simple everyday applications such as... more
6 pages | 1 sources | 17 citations | APA citation style

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Fibonacci Numbers
This paper provides a discussion of the Fibonacci number and sequences as well as a discussion of Lucas numbers and sequences. How both of these infinitesimal sequences are used in applications to help financial analysts and stock traders is a focus.
The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers Introduction The series of numbers known as Fibonacci Numbers was discovered inthe early thirteenth century by Leonardo... more
7 pages | 7 sources | 20 citations | MLA citation style

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Fermat's Last Theorem
Fermat's Last Theorem
fermat's last theorem Introduction Pierre de Fermat's Last Theorem is described and discussed in thispaper The history of the quest for a proof of... more
10 pages | 10 sources | 21 citations | MLA citation style

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Sampling Data
Examines the factors that go into selecting a sample and determining the proper size for a sample.
Today there are dozens of polling firms that conduct research onpublic opinion For example if you go to the omnibus political websiteReal Clear... more
5 pages | 4 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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Medieval Mathematical Story
This paper is a medieval story that includes 18 mathematical terms referencing cones and ellipses.
Medieval Mathematical Story In a medieval kingdom the town was festooned with brightly coloredstreamers in honor of Princess Marcella's st birthday... more
2 pages | MLA citation style

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The Massachusetts Lottery
Evaluates two games in the Massachusetts States Lottery and why playing the lottery is a bad idea.
Lottery Lunacy-The Massachusetts Lottery Introduction Massachusetts has a lottery with different types of games that areopen to individuals years of... more
4 pages | 2 sources | 2 citations | MLA citation style

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Origins of the Metric System in Revolutionary France
Considers the origins of the metric system in revolutionary France.
Origins of the Metric System in Revolutionary France Introduction The French Revolution brings to mind many images including theguillotine Marie... more
4 pages | 5 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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Optimal Production Mix
Optimal Production Mix
Profit associated with optimal production mix The problem to be solved is the determination of the profit that isassociated with an optimal production... more
1 pages | APA citation style

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