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Analysis of the Joad family in John Steinbeck's THE GRAPES OF WRATH. Strains on the family structure and personal relationships after leaving a stable life for one of instability. Attempt to find the American Dream in a new place. Joad family's migration to California as a recreation of the American experience. Disintegration of the family. Ma Joad as the cohesive family force.
In the novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck tells the story of the Joad family and shows why they act as they do by leaving their home in... more
4 pages | 1 sources | MLA citation style

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Examines the affect of economic forces in the John Steinbeck novel. The author's view of a class struggle in American society. Westward migration of poor farmers. California landowners versus migrants. Issue of exploitation of labor. Labor organizing activities of character of Tom as a sign of bettering conditions for workers.
In The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck suggests that people like the Joads are affected by economic changes which are not of their making but that... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 3 citations | MLA citation style

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Examines theme of brotherhood. OF MICE AND MEN & EAST OF EDEN. Steinbeck's borrowing thematically and structurally from the bible. Steinbeck's view of brotherhood as a source of obligation, and an area of antagonism. Tensions that separate rather than unite. Relationship between brothers Caleb and Aaron in EDEN. OF MICE AND MEN about brotherhood of the spirit.
Brotherhood and Obligation in Steinbeck
Introduction and Purpose
According to Rebecca L. Atkinson (1990, p. 2), many critics of the works... more
15 pages | 11 sources | 40 citations | APA citation style

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Presents biographical data on the Nobel Prize winning American novelist's life and career. Centers on the structure of the 1939 book, THE GRAPES OF WRATH as Steinbeck's greatest novel. Contends the unusual structure of the novel helped portray the book's social themes. The plight of the Joads family as reflecting the problems of average citizens during the economic depression of the 1930s. Dispossession of migrants.
American author John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California, on February 27, 1902 and died on December 20, 1968. He was "known especially for... more
5 pages | 6 sources | 8 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of women in Steinbeck's works focusing on the short story "The Chrysanthemums." Brief bio of author.
The purpose of this paper is to offer an analysis of the women characters in the works of John Steinbeck, with a special emphasis placed on Elisa... more
9 pages | 7 sources | 14 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of Steinbeck's novel as depiction of economic & social situation; perversion of American Dream; censorship of book.
John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath was greeted with some critical acclaim and great popularity, but it was also the target... more
5 pages | 6 sources | 7 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of female characters in selected novels & short stories. Commends Steinbeck's writing, but faults his narrow view of women.
Misogyny can wear many different faces. Its most obvious face is that of the man or society – or even other woman – who hates women, who sees them... more
12 pages | 4 sources | 16 citations | APA citation style

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Compares novels' themes, subjects, characters, structures, styles, narration, social views.
John Steinbeck is a writer noted for his characterizations and for his social consciousness as expressed in novels and stories about the poor and... more
5 pages | 2 sources | 4 citations | MLA citation style

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Analyzes novel based on "push-pull" factors (forces pushing the Joads out of the Dust Bowl & pulling them to CA for a better life).
Certain push-pull factors affected the Joad family as depicted in the novel by John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath. Such factors either push people... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 1 citations | APA citation style

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Compares novel with two film versions. Title, structure, plot, characters.
This paper compares and contrasts John Steinbeck's short novel, Of Mice and Men, with its two movie versions, the first released in 1939 and directed... more
7 pages | 5 sources | 12 citations | MLA citation style

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