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Analysis of Ralph Ellison's 1952 novel. How Ellison used the struggle of the nameless narrator of his book to depict the ongoing struggle of the African American as an outcast in American society. Plot as a coming-of-age story. Character. Point of View. Setting. Symbolism. Style. Theme.
The Invisible Man (1952) was Ralph Waldo Ellison's first novel. Influenced by T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, as well as James Joyce... more
3 pages | 2 sources | 2 citations | APA citation style

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Conditions of death portrayed in Richard Matheson's novel. Experience as the subject of the novel. Characters. Plot. Theme. Immortality and the afterlife as experiencing acute perception, a mental awareness rather than material substance. David Hume's philosophical views of experience of the self. Joseph Priestley's concept of life after death.
The conditions of death as portrayed in What Dreams May Come are distinguished above all by consciousness and the unfolding of continuous experience.... more
10 pages | 5 sources | 15 citations | MLA citation style

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Applies principles of Milton Mayeroff's book to coming-of-age novel "BLESS ME, ULTIMA." Discusses how relationships and different types of caring affect decisions young Antonio makes regarding his future. Plot. Characters. Impact of Ultima on Antonio and the community. Examines all aspects of caring and individual responsibilities.
The book, On Caring (1971), by Milton Mayeroff, discusses the role of caring in everyday life, and how caring is often an exchange of give and take.... more
5 pages | 2 sources | 23 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of Carol Shield's 1994 novel. Discusses the image of female characters as products of a particular frame and society of the 20th Century. Centers on protagonist Daisy, a woman unable to liberate herself from the narrow constrictions placed upon women of her generation. Fixed gender roles. Feminist theory.
This paper will address how the image of women presented in Carol Shields’ Pulitzer Prize winning 1994 novel, The Stone Diaries, are products of a... more
8 pages | 2 sources | 19 citations | MLA citation style

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Role of technology in Don DeLillo's 1984 novel. Examines how the novel presents technology as both good and a source of dread. Novel's picture of a technology gone made. Lives of characters in the aftermath of an airborne toxic event. The two visions of the world presented in the novel. DeLillo's description of advantages and disadvantages of technology.
Technology, Alienation and Apathy

Technology, as a means toward the reduction of certain kinds of human labor and effort, can either... more
10 pages | 1 sources | 28 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of Barbara Kingslover's novel. The two major plots. Use of multiple narrators to structure the novel. Differing points of view of the five narrators, all members of one American missionary family. Themes. The violent political struggle in the Congo in the 1960s. The misguided work of the Christian missionary.
In Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible two plots inform the novel which tells the story of three decades in the life of an American family... more
3 pages | 2 sources | 8 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses 2 essays on topic: "When We Dead Awaken: Writing As Re-Vision" by Adrienne Rich & "The Achievement of Desire" by Richard Rodreguez.
Both Adrienne Rich in her essay "When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Re-Vision" and Richard Rodriguez in his essay "The Achievement of Desire" address... more
5 pages | 2 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses several novels (ROMONA, TORTILLA FLAT, JOAQUIN MURIETA, THE ZOOT- SUIT MURDERS, FAMOUS ALL OVER TOWN, MIRACULOUS DAY OF AMELIA GOMEZ) that depict women as embodiments of societal values in Mexican-American & Native American communities.
The role of women in traditional cultures is reflected in a number of novels and accounts of the Native American and Mexican-American communities both... more
5 pages | 6 sources | 5 citations | MLA citation style

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Discusses Pietro de Donato's autobiographical novel of Italian immigrants in 1920s New York City. Oppression of workers.
Pietro di Donato, in his semi-autobiographical novel Christ in Concrete, depicts the life, work and community of Italian immigrants in New York City... more
6 pages | 1 sources | 3 citations | MLA citation style

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Analysis of novel written by performance poet Sapphire. Themes of social & educational problems.
Push was the first novel written by Sapphire, a performance poet who also worked as an adult educator in Harlem. Sapphire brings an array of personal... more
4 pages | 1 sources | 5 citations | APA citation style

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