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In foreign policy. Use in conflicts between nations, politics & economics, history, free trade, protectionism, motivations, conflict of business cultures, ideology, embargoes & sanctions (South Africa, Soviet Bloc, Latin America).
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  • International Strategy and organizational design
    This research paper examines the relationship between international strategy and organizational design. Also included are predictions of factors that will change the strategic planning process for multinational companies, and the types of controls a company can exert over its foreign subsidiaries.
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    This paper discusses the drivers of globalization, traditional international trade theories that supprt the concept of globalization and some major regional trading blocs.
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    Focus on laws that regulate international business. Sources of international economic law. Complexity of doing business with another country; contracts, torts, unfair trade, economic malfeasance. Multiple regulations and cultural background of the laws a businessperson must know. Organizations with the U.S. Department of Commerce to help businessperson. U.S. law and international business.

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