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Discusses her rise to power in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to Principal Chief. Her early impoverished life. Growing interest in tribal politics. Involvement with Naïve Americans in San Francisco. How she helped bring self-sufficiency to her people and helped raise the status of women. Her contribution to the feminist movement in general.
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The history of the women’s rights movement is littered with trailblazers who led the way before women believed they would achieve equal rights with men in society. From the suffragettes of the early twentieth century to the "girlpower" divas of the new millennium, women have struggled to carve out a voice and message of their own. Significant strides have been made towards gender-equality in the past century, with the right to vote and the right to have an abortion signifying important milestones in the women’s movement. And though the news is mostly good, there nevertheless remains a wide gulf in the way women and men are treated in our society. This fact is compounded by the deterioration of the feminist movement from its peak in the nineteen-sixties. As young women look to the new millennium, it is important that they identify leaders to emula

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