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Discusses the role of human resources managers in the changing business environment. Impact of globalization on companies with employees based in many different countries. Special factors in managing the Expatriate. Structure of the compensation package including living conditions. Cost reduction factors. Competition. Service sector activity. Downsizing and re-engineering. Changing demographics. Strategic planning.
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As the business environment in which most companies operate has changed, the role of the human resource function has changed, as well. Where once human resource professionals served as personnel specialists who worked largely outside the realm of strategic management, they are now an integral part of the strategic focus of a company. Human resource professionals now take a proactive role in helping companies attract and retain the highest quality workers who are able to meet the needs of the organization not only in the immediate future, but over the longterm. Human resource managers are in a unique position to bring change to organizations since they are increasingly being included in senior management and since they work closely with other managers as well as lower-level employees. This research considers the changing busi

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