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HISTORY: U.S. (Before 1865)

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The growth of the river cities from 1800 to 1850 when the railroads caused their decline.
All the colonial cities of the United States were seaports. All were essentially commercial communities seeking wealth by foreign trade. It was the... more
7 pages | 3 sources | 8 citations | TURABIAN citation style

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Contends that the Articles were an assertion of democratic principles.
The Articles of Confederation was the basic constitution of the government of the newly-organized United States of America between the time of their... more
8 pages | 4 sources | 13 citations | TURABIAN citation style

Price: $36.00

NORTHWEST ORDINANCES OF 1784, 1785 & 1787.
Importance in creating national domain. Ordinances had great scope & vision in laying patterns for future growth of the West.
9 pages | 6 sources | 6 citations | TURABIAN citation style



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