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Report of a study on effects of handshakes on first impressions. Critical review of a 2000 journal article on the study. Discusses previous research, study limitations, rationale for the study, nature of the problem and study goals. Methodology of the study. Its weaknesses. Study limitations. Findings, particularly as to firmness of handshakes.
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Article Review
“Handshaking, Gender, Personality, and First Impressions” by Chaplin, Phillips, Brown, Clanton, and Stein (2000) is a journal article which reports a study of the effects of handshakes on first impressions. The authors begin with a presentation of previous literature relevant to the current study. While it was noted that previous systematic study of the variables was limited, only a brief description of studies available, was provided.
Chaplin et al. began the introduction with a summary of previous findings, and did not include citations. Following this, literature that was relevant to handshaking in general, was presented. For example, literature, in the form of books, regarding handshaking and

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