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HAN DYNASTY, 221 B.C. TO 221 A.D.

Political power & leaders, classes, religion (Confucianism, Buddhism), yin & yang philosophy.
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The Han Dynasty extended from 221 B.C. to 221 A.D. This marked the beginning of the Confucian state, which would extend to about 1600 A.D. The Han period saw the beginnings and evolution of a governmental system, an economic structure, and a variety of intellectual developments. This was also the era when the civil service system was developed, along with the civil service examination by which the imperial Confucian state to recruit candidates to serve in government. Once the Han Dynasty collapsed, unity would be reestablished by the Sui and Tang dynasties. In addition, this period would be marked by the development of relations between the Chinese and various non-Chinese people in East Asia.
The Han empire was contemporary with the Roman Empire, but it was much larger and was indeed the superior civilization in

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