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Historical background, Amer. involvement, politics, military, economics, Duvalier dictatorship, Aristide-Cedras conflict, role of U.N., Carter-Clinton 1994 peace settlement.
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After a long and difficult day of negotiations with Haiti's military rulers in September 1994, former President Jimmy Carter excused himself from dinner with some Haitian business people, withdrew to his hotel suite, and began typing the first draft of what later became the American agreement for the dissolution of Haiti's military regime. Carter never cleared his proposal with President Clinton. For that matter, the White House did not even know it existed until the following morning, almost half a day after Carter offered the proposal to the Haitian military. By then, Lieutenant General Raoul Cedras had already accepted the proposal as a basis for agreement. The transition from military to civilian rule had begun under uncertain terms.
The purpose of this research is to examine the events that led up to the Haitian crisis and the United States/Haitian

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