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Response of Japan to globalization. Discusses the historical context. Resistance to globalization. Rebuilding of Japan after WWII. Postwar era and issues of economic, political and social transformation. Japan's postwar economy. Development of a national consciousness. Nationalism. Motivating force of corporate imperialism. Influence of America. Trade protectionism. Uniqueness of Japaneseness.
Globalization in the 21st century is tied to Japanese identity. This paper will discuss the historical context in which globalization has become... more
13 pages | 8 sources | 28 citations | APA citation style

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Reviews the mechanisms and social implications. Globalization in the 21st Century. The spread of economic innovations and activity around the world, and resultant political and cultural adjustments. Resistance to global linkages by some societies. Debt crises; example of Argentina. Balance of payments. Concept of economic contagion. Future outlook.
Globalization — the spread of economic... more
11 pages | 16 sources | 30 citations | APA citation style

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Critique and evaluation of a 2002 article. "The Post-September 11 Debate Over Empire, Globalization and Fragmentation." Argument of author that fragmentation is the inevitable consequence of the emergence of a superpower capable of hegemonic actions. Imperialism in the 21st Century; globalization as cause and result. Links terrorism to fragmentation. American foreign policy.
Article Critique: International Political Economy
Summary of Main Issues
Walter LaFeber (p. 1) argues that empire and imperialism... more
6 pages | 1 sources | 23 citations | APA citation style

Price: $20.00

Discusses the financial effects. Development of cross-border economic flows. International capital mobility, the internationalization of the American dollar, cross-border security purchases. Importance of the dollar in the new global economic era. International private and corporate investors. Impact on stock exchanges. Social and political effects of globalization.
The Financial Effects of Globalization
Over the course of the past half century, technological and political changes have diminished the... more
5 pages | 8 sources | 22 citations | APA citation style

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Examined as an economic process that transformed the status quo. Nature and origins of globalization. Impact of technological advances; interconnected world economy. Free market Capitalism. Controversies surrounding globalization. Discusses economic, political, environmental and cultural issues. Different markets and trade policies of developed and less developed countries. Future of globalization.
This research paper summarizes the nature and origins as well as the principal impacts of, and reactions to, globalization.... more
10 pages | 10 sources | 31 citations | APA citation style

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Its effect of globalism. Ways in which the war on terrorism affects economic forces of globalism. International political economy and foreign trade protocols. View of confrontation between "McWorld" and "Jihad." North-South issues. Changes since 9/11. International coalitions and national self-interest.
This research examines the impact of the war on terrorism on globalism. The research will set forth the context in which linkages between globalism... more
9 pages | 11 sources | 18 citations | APA citation style

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