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Am. Abstract-Expressionist. Her development, techniques. Example of 1963 painting, "The Bay."
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Helen Frankenthaler was an important member of the second generation of American Abstract Expressionists. Her painting The Bay (1963), in the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts (acquisition number 65.60), demonstrates an important phase in the evolution of her style that was also the beginning of an important development in abstract expressionist method.
Frankenthaler was born in 1928, the daughter of a New York Supreme Court justice, and attended private schools in New York City. At Bennington College in Vermont Frankenthaler studied first under the painter Rufino Tamayo but, realizing she was succeeding simply because "I made such good Tamayos," the artist began to study with the American cubist painter Paul Freeley whose influence kept her interested in cubism for several years (Frankenthaler 28). After graduation her exposure to the

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