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Discusses pros and cons of holding the Summer Olympics in the state in 2012. Major issue of security. Threat of terrorism. Tourism decrease in Florida after 9/11. Pros and cons of Central Florida as a site, and elements involved. The timeline. Facilities for Olympic events. Travel considerations. Housing of competitors and fans.
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Pros and Cons of Florida 2012
The issue that is at the basis of this paper is “Florida 2012”, the name given to the organization spearheading a move to have the Tampa/Clearwater/Orlando region declared the site of the Summer Olympics in 2012. Several million dollars has been raised by the steering committee, and the citizens of the state are divided as to whether or not hosting the Olympics is the most feasible past time that the State should be pursuing at the moment.
This is based on the fact that Florida is being mentioned daily (and sometimes hourly) by news media around the world, usually in connection with the handful of young Muslims who felt compelled to take advantage of Florida’s mythic hospitality and use the state, and

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